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Hundreds of stray dogs are roaming around the streets of San Jose del Cabo. Some our very sick, most are malnutrition and all need veterinarian care to bring them back up to healthy standards.

The costs add up each day, we provide food, clean water, beds/blankets, a clean kennel, they see a veterinarian and improve under their care. After a few hard months of medication, bathing, and socializing the dogs, they are ready to find there furever home.

As non-profit organization we need your generosity, in cash or kind, help at any event, sponsor an event, help spread the word on social media. All this helps are many dogs find a connection with a loving person.  Every dog and cat deserves a home!

We can stop of the suffering and clean up the streets with on more female or male to make babies. Donations are tax deductible through the ICF.  it's a win win situation for you and BajaSAFE.

WE truly need you help and hope  you will consider donation today to help the pets on Adopt A Pet Page here.

Donations are greatly appreciated to help us continue to rescue dogs and cats. Your money goes 100% to the care of the rescues. It helps us pay for food, blankets, shelter, all veterinarian bills including having the animal neutered or spayed.

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