First, we would like to thank you all for your continued support in helping the strays of Cabo San Lucas. Without your generous donations none of this would be possible. A lot of great dogs went through our doors this past year and we have many more to rescue, make healthy and find them lovable homes. We kick off the year with our annual fundraiser in February.

Please join us for dinner live music and a celebration of Baja Safe.

Our annual fundraising calendar is now ready to purchase. 

Send Isabella an email here to purchase.



baja safe rescue - before & after

Our Mission - to save all the stray dogs in the area of San Jose del Cabo.  We are non-profit and the organization does an amazing job finding the strays and saving them from disease and death.  Your generous donations and support, gives very sick pets a second chance. Here is a video of rescued dogs and cats, when we first brought them to Baja SAFE and after the rehabilitation, a happy adoption.  Thank you all for your support.